Do I need vignette in Prague?

Roads subject to tolls and compulsory vignette in Czech Republic. A vignette obligation exists in the Czech Republic for all vehicles, up to and including 3.5 tons, on all roads which are identified with sign-posting “Highway” and “Express Way”.

Do you need a vignette to drive in Czech Republic?

The vignette is mandatory for vehicles with at least four wheels, motorcycles and tricycles are free of charge for driving on the motorway. … The vignette can be bought online, at branches of the Czech Post, at some petrol stations and in self-service terminals near border crossings.

How do you pay tolls in Prague?

Tolls are collected through an open system with toll portals and using satellite technology. An on-board unit is mandatory within the electronic toll system for vehicles with a gross draw weight of > 3.5 t. The vignette system applies to vehicles ≤ 3.5 t: By purchasing the vignette, toll is paid in advance.

How much is a vignette in Czech Republic?

Sales of the e-vignettes for 2021 will begin on December 1, 2020. The prices and conditions remain unchanged. The drivers have the option to buy an e-vignette valid for 10 days (for 310 CZK), for one month (for 440 CZK) or for one year (for 1,500 CZK).

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How do you pay tolls on Czech Republic?

The Czech toll system MYTO CZ applies to vehicles and buses > 3.5 t maximum allowed weight. In this distance-based toll system, toll charges are electronically debited via the so-called Premid-Box (On-Board-Unit/OBU), and settled directly through DKV – using either the pre-pay or post-pay procedure.

Do I need an international driver’s license in Prague?

Every person driving a motor vehicle in the Czech Republic has to carry either a Czech national driver’s license or an international driver’s license accepted in the Czech Republic. National driver’s licenses issued by provinces of Canada are not accepted in the Czech Republic.

Is Prague safe for tourist?

Prague is a generally safe city, but the prevalence of car theft and vandalism pushes up the crime statistics of Prague. … Due to the low risk of violent crime, the threat of pickpockets is a great issue. Begging is also a serious problem in this city and you can even see beggars in this city’s top tourist attractions.

Can I buy an Austrian vignette online?

Buy online on your device

Go to the ASFINAG online shop or download the ASFINAG app “Unterwegs” to your phone. Please be aware that the digital toll sticker is not valid immediately after an online purchase.

Do I need a vignette for Slovakia?

It is necessary to have a toll sticker (vignette) if you want to drive on the motorway in Slovakia. The price of toll sticker for one year is 50 Euros. One month toll sticker is 14 Euros and 10 day toll sticker costs 10 Euros. You can buy the toll ticket in post offices and on the gas stations.

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Where can I buy Slovakia vignette?

Electronic vignette for Slovakia can be purchased via the Internet at, by a mobile application from the App Store or Google Play, in vending machines at border crossings, at petrol stations and at some other retailers. List of points of sale and self-service vending machines can be found at

Do I need a vignette for Germany?

You need to purchase a vignette to be able to use the autobahn. There are 10-day, 2-month, and annual vignettes. These stickers must be visibly stuck to the front windshield. … Alternatively, you can buy a vignette from gas stations in Germany.

Where can I buy Austrian vignette in Germany?

You can buy the “Vignette” in Germany. Any gas station, convenience store will have them. Many have a sign posted in the window and you’ll see signs on the highways advertising rest stops that sell them. If you miss, get one asap in Austria.

How do I return a MYTO CZ?

The electronic equipment provided in the Prepay Mode for which the Deposit and/or Prepaid Credit has been paid in cash must be returned together with a duly completed written request for the refund of the Deposit and unused Credit.

What is the currency in Czech Republic?

The Czech koruna (CZK) is the official currency of the Czech Republic. The CZK began circulation in 1993 after the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991, where it was issued at par to the previously-used Czechoslovakia koruna.