Frequent question: What is in Prague OK?

What is Prague Oklahoma famous for?

Reflecting its Czech Catholic heritage, Prague is also the home of a Papal-authorized copy of the Infant Jesus of Prague, known as the National Shrine of the Infant Jesus, which draws numerous visitors each year.

How did Prague Oklahoma get its name?

Prague was settled primarily by Czechs. The town was incorporated in 1902 on land originally owned by Eva Barta and named by her after Prague, Czechoslovakia.

What was the importance of the railroad in the creation of Prague Oklahoma?

The railroad brought rapid growth to the agricultural region, with cotton as the major crop. As in many settlements that bordered the “dry” Indian Territory, the sale of liquor was an important business until 1907 statehood when alcohol was prohibited.

Is there a Prague in the US?

If you live in America and don’t want to travel internationally now, but still want to visit Prague or Pilsen, you can. Several U.S. towns and neighborhoods have Czech-inspired names, and some still remember their Bohemian roots. There are two towns called Prague, plus a New Prague and a Praha.

How big is Prague Oklahoma?

After Czechoslovakia lost its border regions in September 1938 as a result of the Munich Agreement, the country became completely vulnerable to Hitler’s further aggression. In March 1939, Hitler annexed what remained of Bohemia and Moravia, and thousands fled the country for political reasons.

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