How is Czech name day celebrated?

In the Czech Republic, each day of the year except national holidays corresponds to a personal name. People celebrate their name day (“svátek” or more formally “jmeniny”) on the date corresponding to their own given name. … The name day is nowadays more likely a reason to giving a present to somebody .

How do Czech Republic celebrate name day?

In the Czech Republic, every day of the year is someone’s name day (“svátek” or “jmeniny” in Czech – the latter is more formal). It is a reason to celebrate, wish the person a Happy Name Day, and buy a little present, like flowers and a box of chocolates.

How is name day celebrated?

Celebrations are very much like birthday celebrations. It is popular to celebrate name days in one’s workplace—usually, the one that has a name day prepares snacks for well-wishers, and during the day colleagues arrive one after another with flowers, sweets and small presents to greet him.

How do Czech names work?

Czech names are composed of a given name and a family name (surname). Czechs typically get one given name – additional names may be chosen by themselves upon baptism but they generally use one. With marriage, the bride typically adopts the bridegroom’s surname.

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What do Czech people celebrate?

The seven public, or bank, holidays in the Czech Republic are New Year’s Day (January 1; also the Day of Recovery of the Independent Czech State), Liberation Day (May 8), the Day of Slavonic Apostles Cyril and Methodius (July 5), Jan Hus Day (July 6), the Day of Czech Statehood (September 28), Independence Day (October …

How do you say Wednesday in Czech?

Czech vocabulary :: Days of the week

  1. The days of the week Dny v týdnu.
  2. Monday Pondělí
  3. Tuesday Úterý
  4. Wednesday Středa.
  5. Thursday Čtvrtek.
  6. Friday Pátek.
  7. Saturday Sobota.
  8. Sunday Neděle.

What is today’s name day?

For instance, the church feast of Saint Michael was held on September 29th, and as a result the name day for Michael is on September 29th. In some countries one’s nameday is more important than one’s birthday, and sometimes gifts are given.

Name Days.

By Month
10 October 11 November 12 December

What do you say to someone on their name day?

Blessings, love and happiness! just like you! on this blessed day. Happy name day!

What do you get someone for their name day?

What to give family and friends on their Name Day? The most popular gifts to send to loved ones in Greece are flowers and cakes. Surprise them on their birthday with a beautiful flower arrangement inspired by the birth month flower. Or, pick a bouquet whose colors inspire happiness.

What does Kova mean in Czech?

It’s an ending long-ingrained in the vernacular that quite literally means “belonging to” the male, as in belonging to a woman’s father or husband. (In English, “ova” is plural for “ovum,” a female egg cell.)

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Do Czech use middle names?

The use of middle names or patronymics isn’t practiced in the Czech Republic. Most forms only have sections for first and last names, so for paperwork purposes, the advice is usually to include the middle name in the first name section, or to exclude it altogether.

What is the most common Czech name?

Today, Eliška is the most popular name among women. Tereza, Adéla, Anna, and Natálie round out the top 5. For men, Honza has finally been usurped. In the current decade, Jakub is the most popular male name, followed by Jan, Tomáš, Adam, and Matyáš.