Is there a Prague pass?

PRAGUE CITY PASS gives you enough time to see everything at a relaxed pace. PRAGUE CITY PASS is valid for 30 days following date of purchase.

Is Prague pass worth?

So, is the Prague Card worth it? The Prague Card is the best bet for tourists wanting to squeeze in as much as possible in limited time. It is valid for a year after purchase. Once you have punched in your card, it is valid for 2, 3, or 4 days depending on your card.

How much is a Prague Card?

Prague Card Price 2020

The price of Prague Card depends on the number of days you want to use it and the age of the buyer: 2 days: 62 EUR for adults / 46 EUR for children and students. 3 days: 72 EUR for adults / 53 EUR for children and students. 4 days: 83 EUR for adults / 61 EUR for children and students.

How do you pay for trams in Prague?

In every tram there is a ticket machine that accepts contactless credit/debit cards for payment placed in the middle of every tram vehicle. Passenger is obliged to buy the ticket immediately after getting on the tram. The ticket from the ticket machine is valid immediately and does not need to by validated anymore.

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What is Prague famous for?

Prague is known for its diverse architecture and museums, along with its abundant and cheap nightlife, and extensive shopping options. It is also famous for its hearty food and cheap beer, along with its well maintained UNESCO World Heritage city Centre.

How much does it cost to get into Prague Castle?

Ticket prices

Full admission Family admission
Prague Castle – Short Tour (Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, Golden Lane & Daliborka Tower, St. Wenceslas Vineyard, Powder Tower) 250 CZK 300 CZK
‘The Story of Prague Castle’ Exhibition 140 CZK 200 CZK
Prague Castle Picture Gallery 150 CZK 200 CZK
Powder Tower 70 CZK 110 CZK

What is the currency in Prague?

Czech koruna is also referred to as Czech crowns. It has the currency abbreviation of CZK. The Currency symbol is displayed as Kč.

Is it easy to walk around Prague?

Prague is very walkable. If you dropped from the sky and landed in Old Time Square you would be in a good position to walk everywhere interesting within 30 minutes. Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, Jewish Cemetery and Old Town are all on the flat valley floor – this makes walking easy. …

What is the best way to get around Prague?

The best way to get around Prague is on foot or by public transportation. Exploring this city on foot is a treat for the eyes, plus many of the most noteworthy attractions are within walking distance of one another. What’s more, several of the city’s top guided tours are walking tours.

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Do they check tickets in Prague?

If you travel in Prague regularly and often, it is worth buying an electronic ticket called Lítačka. Validity of tickets is checked on transport services and in metro stations by ticket inspectors. … Passengers travelling without valid tickets face a fine of 800/1,000 CZK.