What is school like in the Czech Republic?

Compulsory school attendance starts at 6 years of age and lasts 9 years. Primary and lower secondary education (basic education) is organised mostly within a single-structure system in nine-year basic schools, which are divided into the first and second stage. The age of pupils is usually 6 to 15 years.

Is education in the Czech Republic good?

The Czech Republic has a renowned reputation for high-quality education, exceptional academic opportunities and access to industry-based opportunities once you graduate. “I would say this is the best place to study in the world,” said Fernando.

How long is Czech high school?

It lasts for a period of 9 years, usually from the ages of 6 to 15, mostly at the basic school (základní škola).

What age is high school in Czech Republic?

Education System in the Czech Republic

Primary Základní škola 6–15
Secondary Gymnázium 13–19
Secondary Gymnázium 15–19
Secondary Konzervatoře 11–19
Secondary Konzervatoře 15–21

Is school free in Czech Republic?

Typical tuition fees: By law, higher education at public and state institutions in the Czech Republic is free of charge for citizens of all nationalities, with the following exceptions: fees for administration of admission proceedings. fees for extending the duration of study beyond a set limit.

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How long is school in Czech?

Czech children are required to begin school at age 6 and attend for a minimum of 9 years of basic school. Nearly 90% of children ages 3-6 also attend nursery schools which are usually free. The first five years of basic school are called primary school and the next four years are lower secondary school.

What is the literacy rate in Czech Republic?

Czech Republic – Adult (15+) literacy rate

Czech Republic adult literacy rate was 99.8 % in 2016 – the single year for which the data is available at the moment.

Where does Czech rank in education?

Overall the ranking of the Czech Republic in the availability of pre-primary education takes 38th place out of the total 41, in the area of primary education it scores well (10th place out of 29), but in the quality of its secondary education it moves back to the lower third, 38th, of developed countries.

Is English taught in Czech Republic schools?

Classes are taught by a single teacher, although there is sometimes a separate foreign language or physical education teacher. The subjects taught are Czech and include one foreign language (usually English), mathematics, computer science, history, geography, science, art, music, physical education, and handcrafts.

What is language of Czech Republic?

Currently, there are nearly 300,000 students at Czech public, state, and private higher education institutions, out of which the international students in degree programmes make up over 17 % of the student body.

How is the education in Prague?

Education in the Czech Republic is free and compulsory from ages 6 to 15. The Programme for International Student Assessment ranks the Czech education system as the 15th best in the world. The education system is free, although preschools are frequently paid for by parents.

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Is it cheap to study in Czech Republic?

Student living costs in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic isn’t a very expensive country. Most international students should live comfortably with a budget of 300–650 EUR per month. Although the Czech Republic is part of the European Union, the national currency is the Czech koruna (CZK).

How much can a Czech student earn?

International students studying in Prague and other cities of The Czech Republic are allowed to work part-time and get paid approximately 100CZK an hour. The only requirement is that the work should not affect the student’s academics.

Can students work part-time in Czech Republic?

Many students work and study at the same time. Having a part-time job or summer work is very common in the Czech Republic. There are working options for international students as well, just be prepared that the job offer may be limited since most jobs require fluency in the Czech language.