What is the most common crime in the Czech Republic?

The most common types of crime in the Czech Republic were property crimes, with more than 100,000 cases. For example, the number of burglaries in 2019 rose by 195 cases compared with 2018.

What is the crime rate in Czech?

Czech Republic crime rate & statistics for 2017 was 0.62, a 1.32% increase from 2016.

Czech Republic Crime Rate & Statistics 1994-2021.

Czech Republic Crime Rate & Statistics – Historical Data
Year Per 100K Population Annual % Change
2017 0.62 1.32%
2016 0.61 -26.26%
2015 0.83 8.54%

What is the most common crime to occur?

What are the most common crimes in the United States?

  • Larceny / Theft. Larceny-theft hits the top of the crime list, far outweighing any other crime. …
  • Burglary. The next most prevalent crime is burglary, another property crime. …
  • Motor Vehicle Theft. …
  • Aggravated Assault. …
  • Robbery.

What is crime like in Prague?

Crime rates in Prague, Czech Republic

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Level of crime 16.57 Very Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs 36.58 Low
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 36.37 Low
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 13.15 Very Low
Problem corruption and bribery 53.14 Moderate

What European country has the worst crime?

Europe: Crime Index by Country 2019

Rank Country Crime Index
1 Sweden 49.35
2 Ukraine 48.88
3 France 46.39
4 Moldova 45.45

Is Czech Republic a safe place to live?

Fortunately, the Czech Republic is considered one of the safest destinations according to the Global Peace Index 2019. Every year, the Institute for Economics and Peace publishes the Global Peace Index, the world’s leading measure of national peacefulness, ranking 163 countries according to their levels of peace.

What is language of Czech Republic?

Intentional homicides (per 100,000 people) – Country Ranking

Rank Country Value
1 El Salvador 61.80
2 Jamaica 57.00
3 Venezuela 56.30
4 Honduras 41.70

What country has the lowest crime rate?

Which country has the lowest crime rate? Qatar has the lowest crime rate in the world, followed by the UAE, according to Numbeo statistics.

What are the top 3 crimes in the world?

In some definitions, vandalism is included in property crimes because it is also considered as destruction of real or personal properties.

  • Drug Abuse Violations. …
  • Alcohol-Related Crimes. …
  • Disorderly Conduct. …
  • Fraud. …
  • Offenses Against Family.

Is it safe in Prague at night?

Yes, Prague is absolutely safe, no matter how late you wish to travel or venture in the night. At nights even if the metro service stops after 12 AM, there are lots of night trams and bus services which ply round the clock.

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Is there human trafficking in Prague?

The Czech Republic prohibits trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation and labour exploitation through Sections 232a and 204 of its criminal code, and punishments prescribed under these statutes range from two to 15 years’ imprisonment, commensurate with those prescribed for other serious crimes, such as rape.

Do and don’ts in Prague?

Here are my top do’s and don’ts and tips for visiting Prague to ensure you have the best experience possible.

  • Don’t line up like a tourist to get into popular attractions.
  • Do know the scams and don’t let your guard down.
  • Don’t expect people to smile at you.
  • Do take a secret food tour with a local.

What is the roughest city in Europe?

Here’s a list of Europe’s 25 most dangerous cities.

  • Naples, Italy. …
  • Catania, Italy. …
  • Birmingham, UK. …
  • Kyzyl, Russia. …
  • Marseille, France. …
  • Donetsk, Ukraine. …
  • Grozny, Russia. …
  • Shkodër, Albania. Shkodër, the traditional capital of Albania, is one of Albania’s most popular tourist spots and is the country’s 4th most populous city.

What is the most common crime in Europe?

Among the crimes recorded by the police forces in 2019, assaults, sexual violence and drug-related crimes reached the highest number in the last decade, while robbery, burglary and thefts reached the lowest number.

Which is the poorest country in Europe?

Financial and social rankings of sovereign states in Europe

  • Despite having the highest GDP growth rate in Europe, Moldova is among its poorest states, and also has Europe’s smallest GDP per capita.
  • Madrid is the financial capital of Spain, and one of the most important financial centres in Europe.
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