What type of bridge is the Charles Bridge in Prague?

How would you describe Charles Bridge?

Charles Bridge is a stone Gothic bridge that connects the Old Town and Lesser Town (Malá Strana). It was actually called the Stone Bridge (Kamenný most) during its first several centuries. Its construction was commissioned by Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and began in 1357.

What is Charles Bridge made of?

Since 1870 the bridge has been called Charles Bridge. It is built of sandstone blocks, flanked at each end by fortified towers (Lesser Town Bridge Towers, Old Town Bridge Tower). From 1683 to 1928, 30 statues of saints were carved to decorate the bridge, the most famous of which is the statue of St John of Nepomuk.

What is special about the Charles Bridge in Prague?

Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge still standing over the Vltava river in Prague and the second oldest bridge in the Czech Republic. Charles IV had it built in 1357, after the previous bridge (“Judith Bridge”) had been destroyed by floods in 1342.

What is the Charles Bridge in Prague made of?

As the only means of crossing the river Vltava until 1841, Charles Bridge was the most important connection between Prague Castle and the city’s Old Town and adjacent areas.

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Charles Bridge
Other name(s) Stone Bridge (Kamenný most), Prague Bridge (Pražský most)
Design Stone
Material Bohemian sandstone

How old is Charles Bridge in Prague?

The most famous bridge in Prague is without doubt the Charles Bridge. Named after King Charles IV, for hundreds of years it was the only structure connecting the two banks of the Vltava River.

How long is Charles Bridge in Prague?

There are 30 statues mounted to the balustrade of Charles Bridge in Prague. They form two rows, one on each side.

Where is Charles Bridge located in Prague?

Another interesting thing about the Charles Bridge is how it was built. The bridge was built from Bohemian sandstone. It is said that egg yolks were mixed into the mortar to strengthen the construction of the bridge – just like adding egg yolks when baking to make the dough hold together better.

What river does Charles Bridge Cross?

When the Bohemian king and holy Roman emperor, born 700 years ago next month, established Charles University in the 1340s, it was the first institution of its kind in the whole of Central Europe. Charles IV established Charles University in 1348, when he was in his early 30s.

Who made the Charles Bridge?

When River Vltava flooded in 1342, it took Judith Bridge away. Because of that King Charles IV decided to build a new bridge – Stone Bridge which was in 1870 renamed into Charles Bridge. … Flood of 1432 damaged three pillars while in 1784 five pillars were damaged.

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What are the statues on Charles Bridge made of?

The bridge features 30 saintly Baroque statues, mostly made of sandstone and added in the 18th century. Most of the statues you see today are replicas, as some of the originals have been swept away by the river, or have been severely weathered by the elements.